Project Scorecards™ Testimonials

“We’ve found the Project Scorecards™ to be a great communication tool across the project team. They provide a consistent and informative overview of how we are performing as a team and where we need to spend a bit more time improving our performance.”

Carl Clayton, P.Eng. P.E. PTOE
Senior Vice President


The City of Edmonton has utilized Allan Lowe & Associates’ Project Scorecards™ on a number of our large projects throughout the City, including the 23rd Avenue – Gateway Boulevard Interchange and the Whitemud Drive – Quesnell projects.

These are very complex projects which require a multitude of people working together in a professional and productive manner to deliver to the owner a quality project that is on schedule and on budget. Allan’s Project Scorecards™ have become a very important and useful project management tool by assisting the project team to identify potential problems early enough in the project so that the consultant, contractor and owner can work together in a proactive environment rather than a reactive one, which only leads to communication breakdowns and ultimately to project delays and claims.

I would highly recommend Allan Lowe & Associates’ Project Scorecards™ to any Project Manager who wishes to stay ahead of the game and manage a successful project. Project Scorecards™ will be a useful tool to help identify potential problems early in the project, create a positive and open environment for honest input, and help strengthen the partnering relationship.”

Matt Boiko, RPT
General Supervisor
Special Projects, Roads Design and Construction
Capital Construction
City of Edmonton
Edmonton AB


Utilizing Project Scorecards™ provides an effective method of monitoring all work related issues for all key team players to ensure positive action can be undertaken as needed throughout a project. Success follows along with the process.

Pat Roth, P.Eng.
Construction Manager
Sureway Construction Ltd.


Project Scorecards™ help keep the team on track for the duration of the projects. The Scorecards help the team identify areas needing attention in a non-confrontational environment, and also help the team recognize its successes.

Rizwan Hussain, P.Eng.
Construction Manager
Fort McMurray Region
Alberta Transportation


Allan Lowe Construction Partnering & Project Scorecards™ played a critical role in the success of establishing and maintaining a strong communication framework.

Eric Carcoux, P.Eng.
Bridge Engineer
MPA Engineering Ltd.


I have reviewed the recent Partnership Scorecard™ Report and appreciate all the participants’ comments. The commentary was helpful in outlining concerns and challenges from both perspectives

I see several areas that we can work on to help improve the delivery of service overall going forward. I will be taking the comments and suggestions from the Scorecard into consideration as we proceed forward.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Partnership Scorecard™.

Kelly McManus
VP Highway Operations
LaPrairie Group of Companies


“Pennecon Heavy Civil Ltd. was the successful contractor for the construction of the Chinchaga River Bridge in Northwest Alberta. The owner, Alberta Transportation, decided to utilize the Project Scorecards™ system to assist the Contractor, Owner and Owners Consultant in trying to continually improve the delivery of the Project. Being a first time user, I found the Project Scorecards™ to be a very valuable tool for not only determining the success of the Project at Milestone Dates throughout the Project term, but also for visualizing trends over time in the Project Scorecards™ themselves. I was very impressed with the system, as the questions made all parties “think” prior to providing valuable answers that assisted in the successful completion of the Project. The Project Scorecards™ system is a tool that I would highly recommend on future Projects throughout the Construction Industry.”

Blair Smith
Construction Manager, British Columbia
Pennecon Heavy Civil Ltd.
North Vancouver, BC


“The Project Scorecard™ is a good and effective tool to build relations between the partners in a construction project and to identify the problems that need to be worked on to keep the relationships on the project healthy.”

Homayoon Niknia, MBA, P.Eng.
Senior Construction Manager
Ft. McMurray AB


“Project Scorecards™ are a tool & process that should be incorporated on any complex/major project. They provide the platform for engaging all teams involved in the project, capturing reliable feedback and using that to make timely adjustments where needed. The positive impact they made on our work was there for all to see.”

Tom Olasina P.Eng., M.ASCE
Overall Project Manager- CH2M HILL (2009 – 2011)
Whitemud Drive & Quesnell Bridge Rehabilitation Project


We used the Partnership Scorecards™ for the first time this year. Both parties fully participated and were pleasantly surprised with the results. Having a report full of ratings and comments helps both parties to evaluate areas in which we are improving as well as identifying which areas need a little more attention. We will be doing another Partnership Workshop in the fall and will be following it up with Partnership Scorecards™ once again.

Mae Stewart, P.Eng.
Operations Engineer
Alberta Transportation


After coming across Project Scorecards™ in a Google search, I was impressed and presented the Project Scorecards™ to large audiences of engineers and architects in Afghanistan in May 2012. I further discussed their use in projects throughout Afghanistan with the authorities of different ministries. The Project Scorecard™ method was well received as a very useful and essential tool for effective project management.

I am looking forward to using the Project Scorecard™ methodology for projects in the United States, and also recommend its use to all those who are involved in managing major construction projects.

Manan Khalid, P.E., LEED AP (BD+C)
Managing Engineer
NYC School Construction Authority
New York


“I have been a proponent of Partnered Projects for many years. The Project Scorecard™ is a recent addition to the process, and provides structured feedback that gives individuals the opportunity to anonymously bring any concerns to the attention of all other team members. This has resulted in quick action and resolution of issues before they have a chance to become big problems.”

Dwight Carter, P. Eng.
Sr. Civil Project Manager
Calgary AB


“Project Scorecards™ are an efficient method to measure the pulse of a project team.”

Stewart Nelson, P.Eng.
Sr. Project Manager
ConCreate USL Ltd.
St. Albert AB