Construction Partnering Testimonials

Partnering provides an essential foundation for today’s multiparty construction project teams. I have attended several of Allan Lowe’s Partnering Sessions and have seen him cultivate an environment of trust and mutual respect, allowing good relationships to begin to form. I have been impressed by Allan Lowe’s professionalism and dedication and would recommend his services.

Simaan AbouRizk, PhD, P.Eng., FRSC
President and Senior Advisor
SMA Consulting Ltd.
Professor in Construction Engineering and Management
University of Alberta


I have participated in many of Allan Lowe’s Partnering Sessions over the years. These Partnering Sessions are very successful and are attended by up to 3 dozen team members, ranging from Corporate Support to field personnel from the Owner, Consultants and Contractors. Allan brings considerable professional knowledge and experience in construction and partnering, and his Partnering Sessions are well organized, prepared and customized as required for each project. He includes all administrative and venue arrangements which is very helpful.

Allan’s Partnering Sessions go a long ways in the successful delivery of our major, complex projects. The Project Scorecards™ then help keep the team on track for the duration of the projects. The Scorecards help the team identify areas needing attention in a non-confrontational environment, and also help the team recognize its successes.

Rizwan Hussain, P.Eng.
Construction Manager
Fort McMurray Region
Alberta Transportation


I had the pleasure to work with Allan Lowe on one of our projects – the project involved many parties and stakeholders each representing different fields and interests. Our Partnering Session led all the project participants towards a unified concept of a win-win relationship and partnership. Through working together, the participants succeeded in overcoming the existing differences and focusing on fulfilling the project. Thank you, Allan.

Hussien AL-Battaineh, Ph.D., P.Eng., AVS
EHan Engineering Ltd.


Allan Lowe’s Construction Partnering Session was successfully implemented early in one of our large grading projects in the Fort McMurray area to improve our relationship with the Owner. The Partnering Session directly aided in reaching successful outcomes for all parties dealing with issues throughout the completion of the project.

Jason Sauve, P.Eng.
Director of Construction
Morgan Construction and Environmental Ltd.


Allan Lowe’s collaborative approach during the team Construction Partnering Session brought consensus between the Owner, the Consultant Team and the Contractor Team. Common goals were identified and appropriate measures were developed to monitor team communication and project success. Allan’s leadership during the session brought initial understanding of individual needs and he found ways for the team to work together to meet the common goals. Allan Lowe Construction Partnering & Project Scorecards™ played a critical role in the success of establishing and maintaining a strong communication framework.

Eric Carcoux, P.Eng.
Bridge Engineer
MPA Engineering Ltd.


Over the years, Allan Lowe has almost single handedly developed Alberta Transportation’s Construction Partnering program.

Alan Saunders, P.Eng.
Bridge Manager
Peace Region
Alberta Transportation


Dear Allan:

I just wanted to send you a brief note thanking you for all your hard work and positive guidance during our “Annual Partnership” workshops between LaPrairie Works Inc. and Alberta Transportation – CMA’S 1, 2, 3 & 4.

No doubt, working with such a diverse group of participants can present daunting challenges; however, your experience, people-skills, and group facilitation style encourages discussions to remain very honest, open and meaningful for all participants and as a result enabled our collective team to focus on the many positives we have accomplished together and encouraged our group to continue building on those past achievements.

I have heard nothing but very positive comments from participants and thank you again for helping everyone work diligently toward another very successful “Annual Partnership” session.


Kelly McManus
VP Highway Operations
LaPrairie Group of Companies


We have been doing annual Partnership Workshops with Allan Lowe  for 5 years. I have seen a great  improvement in the way we partner, in the way we communicate and in the way we plan and execute our work.

We used the Partnership Scorecards™ for the first time this year. Both parties fully participated and were pleasantly surprised with the results. Having a report full of ratings and comments helps both parties to evaluate areas in which we are improving as well as identify which areas need a little more attention. We will be doing another Partnership Workshop in the fall and will be following it up with Partnership Scorecards™ once again.

Mae Stewart, P.Eng.
Operations Engineer
Alberta Transportation


Today’s Partnering Session was very helpful in bringing the Owner, Architect and Contractor teams together and help us understand each others’ challenges and concerns on this major project. It met all of our hopes and expectations to benefit this project, and I think it will help the project a lot moving forward. We couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you.

Senior Manager
Alberta Infrastructure


Allan Lowe’s Partnering Sessions include frameworks and exercises that encourage integrative management among all stakeholders within a project. This education helps each organization function better as a team member. The framework was very well put together and I really appreciate how I benefited from this Partnering Session.

Justin Lessard
Project Manager
Innovative Civil Constructors Inc.


The Partnering Session was very beneficial to me and my organization. It gave me an opportunity to look at issues, and to understand what the other party’s concerns are. It will be much easier to move forward from here.

Ian McGillis, R.E.T.
Manager of Engineering and Technical Services
LaPrairie Group of Companies


Allan, thanks a ton for running the Partnering Session. I received positive feedback from all three parties about how well the session went.

Donald Saunders, P.Eng.
Bridge Manager
Central Region
Alberta Transportation


Allan, please accept my thanks for a really great job at our recent province-wide Highway Operations Partnering Meeting. It was an excellent meeting in spite of the last minute changes and most of the credit goes to the way you managed it. Thanks again!

Jim Poole
Highways Operations Specialist
Alberta Transportation