Who participates in Project Scorecards™?

Who fills out the Project Scorecard™?

Each Project Scorecard™ should be completed by representatives of the owner, consultant(s), architect(s), contractor(s) and major sub-contractors, and possibly other stakeholders. These representatives should have a strong working knowledge of the project, and may include:

  • Corporate Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Contract Managers
  • Project Supervisors
  • Project Foremen/women

Other project stakeholders may also be invited to fill out the Scorecard, including:

  • Municipal representatives
  • Key suppliers
  • Utility representatives
  • Safety and environmental organizations

These selected individuals are Project Scorecard™ Contributors.

Senior team members who are not actively involved in the day-to-day project activities can also receive a copy of the Project Scorecard™ Report. These individuals are Project Scorecard™ Recipients.

The senior manager Project Scorecard™ Recipients are able to monitor emerging project
trends and identify and intervene proactively on problem areas

How many people participate on a Project Scorecard™?

Up to 30 team members can complete the surveys as Project Scorecard™ Contributors, and up to 30 senior managers can receive the Project Scorecard™ Report as Project Scorecard™ Recipients.

If needed, arrangements can be made with Allan Lowe Construction Partnering and Project Scorecards™ to have additional team members participate.

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…I was very impressed with the Project Scorecard™ system, as the questions made all parties “think” prior to providing valuable answers…I would highly recommend Project Scorecards™ on future projects throughout the construction industry.

Blair Smith
Construction Manager,
British Columbia
Pennecon Heavy Civil Ltd.
North Vancouver, BC