What is the Process?

How are Project Scorecards™ completed?

Project Scorecards™ are completed on-line. Allan Lowe Construction Partnering and Project Scorecards™ sends all participants an e-mail containing a link to the Project Scorecard™ survey. After clicking on the link, the party simply fills out the Project Scorecard™ on-line. See the Typical Survey (Screen View) below.

Typical Survey (Screen View)
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How often are Project Scorecards™ filled out?

Scorecards may be filled out at specific time periods (usually monthly)or at significant stages or milestones of the project. Experience shows that to be the most effective, Scorecards should be completed at least bi-monthly.

The results from your Project Scorecard™ Benefit Evaluation Tool will identify the optimum frequency for your project.

How much time does a Project Scorecard™ take to fill out?

For each Evaluation Statement, the participants rate how the statement scores, generally ranging on a 5-point scale from very poor to very well. The parties can also provide any comments they wish about any Evaluation Statement.

The Scorecard usually takes between 5 and 10 minutes to complete.

Typical Survey (Screen View)
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How long does it take for the team to complete the Project Scorecard™ survey and receive the Project Scorecard™ Report?

The Project Scorecard™ participants are given five days to complete the Scorecard online. A reminder is sent to all participants on Day 4, which greatly increases the Project Scorecard™ response rates. The Project Scorecard™ Report will be e-mailed to all participants in a PDF format within four business days after the online Project Scorecard™ has been closed.

If your project requires an accelerated Project Scorecard™, special arrangements can be made with Allan Lowe Construction Partnering and Project Scorecards™.

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…I would highly recommend Allan Lowe’s Project Scorecards™ to any Project Manager who wishes to stay ahead of the game and manage a successful project….

Matt Boiko, RPT
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