“What gets measured gets managed.” ~ Dr. Peter Drucker


What are Project Scorecards™?

Project Scorecards™ are on-line surveys conducted by Allan Lowe Construction Partnering and Project Scorecards™ on large complex construction projects while the projects are underway.

Scorecards provide a method of getting anonymous feedback on performance measures that are key to effective partnering and to the successful completion of large complex projects.

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Scorecards consist of identifying and measuring a project’s key performance indicators (KPI’s). These KPI’s comprise the Evaluation Statements and usually include Project and Partnership Success Goals and Key Project Challenges.

All Project Scorecards™ participants can also provide comments and suggestions for improvement for each Evaluation Statement.

Scorecards are an excellent proactive project management tool, as participants are also asked to identify any additional concerns that may be upcoming on the project.

Effective on Non-Construction Projects…

The Project Scorecards™ process is also very effective on non-construction projects and alliances, including Partnership Scorecards to measure and improve the effectiveness of partnered alliances.

Scorecards are used to monitor the status of Allan Lowe Highway Operations and Road Management Partnering Sessions.

How is it decided what to measure on a Project Scorecard™?

Project Scorecards™ consist of the project’s key performance indicators (KPI’s) that are included in the Evaluation Statements to measure critical project components.

The Evaluation Statements generally consist of Project and Partnership Success Goals and Key Project Challenges

If a formal construction partnering session has been conducted for a project, the Project and Partnership Success Goals and Key Project Challenges identified in the partnering session will usually be the Evaluation Statements that are measured in the Scorecards.

If the project has not been formally partnered, we provide information in the Project Scorecard™ Detailed Information Package that gives step-by-step guidelines, including Typical Project and Partnership Success Goals and Typical Key Project Challenges, to assist in identifying the best measurement criteria to develop the Evaluation Statements for the project.

The project management team gets together and works through the step-by-step guidelines to develop custom Evaluation Statements for their project. This straight forward and easy to use step-by-step process helps the project management team to identify Project and Partnership Success Goals and Key Project Challenges and identify pro-active action steps to address the key challenges.

We then work with the management team to finalize the Evaluation Statements for their scorecards.

Can the Evaluation Statements on a Project Scorecard™ be changed?

The project management team is encouraged to make necessary changes to the Scorecard as the project progresses. This includes changing, deleting or adding Evaluation Statements and also updating the Project Scorecard™ Participant List as different individuals move on and off of the project.

Keeping the Scorecard current makes it a living process and a document that evolves with the project, and is a valuable continuous improvement tool.

How many Evaluation Statements are usually measured on a Project Scorecard™?

Each Project Scorecard™ may measure up to 20 Project and Partnership Success Goals and 10 Key Project Challenges. It is important for the project team to identify the most important Goals and Project Challenges to allow them to focus on the most important areas of the project.

What about “hard data” vs. “soft data” as measurement criteria on a Project Scorecard™?

There are two types of data that can be measured on a project – hard data and soft data.

Hard data is data that is easily measurable and quantifiable. Evaluation Statements including safety, profitability, quality, issue resolution and schedule are examples of Project Goals that may include hard data.

Soft data is data that is not as easily measurable and quantifiable, but is still very important to the project just the same. Evaluation Statements on important criteria such as communication, teamwork, environmental stewardship, and health of the partnership are not always easy to quantify, but can still be effectively measured and monitored to benefit the project.

The Project Scorecard™ Detailed Information Package includes sample Evaluation Statements that project teams have found very useful in monitoring their projects. While not necessarily considered hard data, the feedback from team members on these Project and Partnership Success Goals and Key Project Challenges helps the team to identify both strong and weak areas of the project and make improvements as necessary. As well, the trends for the Evaluation Statements are monitored over time, helping the project team to easily identify areas of improvement and regression and to take appropriate actions to improve the project and the partnership.

Are the responses on the Project Scorecard™ anonymous?

Yes, anonymity of responses on the Scorecard is guaranteed by Allan Lowe Construction Partnering and Project Scorecards™. However, if a participant prefers to include their identity with comments, they may do so.

Further information on the anonymity of responses is provided in the Project Scorecard™ Detailed Information Package.

What are the typical team member response rates on Project Scorecards™?

The typical Project Scorecard™ response rates range between 70% – 95%.  We send out two reminders to Project Scorecard™ Contributors, which greatly increases the response rate.

What is done with the results of the Project Scorecard™ Report?

The Project Scorecard™ Report should be thoroughly discussed at the next Project Management Meeting and appropriate actions developed to address concerns identified in the report.

Based on the Project Scorecard™ Report, senior team members who are Project Scorecard™ Recipients may also wish to provide input.

How much do Project Scorecards™ cost?

Project Scorecard™ users report that compared to the value that Scorecards provide on projects, they are inexpensive:

  • $600 CAD one-time fee for the initial set-up of the first Project Scorecard™ and Project Scorecard™ Participant database
  • $600 CAD for each Project Scorecard™, including up to 30 active participants and 30 additional Project Scorecard™ Report recipients
  • If the project has been formally partnered by Allan Lowe Construction Partnering and Project Scorecards™, the initial set-up fee is waived.

How do I pay for my Project Scorecard™?

Payments for Project Scorecards™ are processed through PayPal, major credit cards, or direct bank deposits (Canadian bank).

Project Scorecards™ will be invoiced after the Project Scorecard™ Report has been sent. Payment in full is due upon receipt of the invoice

Note: Canadian organizations are required to pay GST on Project Scorecards™. (If your organization claims for GST Exemption, you are required to submit proof of your GST Exemption Status).

What if I’m not satisfied with my Project Scorecard™?

Working with your project management team to complete the Project Scorecard™ Benefit Evaluation Tool will give you a very good indication of the potential benefit of using Project Scorecards™ on your project prior to ordering your Project Scorecard™.

As well, you are encouraged to discuss any questions you may have with Allan Lowe Construction Partnering and Project Scorecards™ prior to ordering your Project Scorecard™. We will also work with you on the development of your Project and Partnership Success Goals and Key Project Challenges as required.

Given the amount of information provided and the available interaction with Allan Lowe Construction Partnering and Project Scorecards™ prior to you completing your first Project Scorecard™, it is very unlikely that you will not be satisfied with your Project Scorecard™.

We guarantee client satisfaction for all projects. In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied that your Project Scorecard™, you will not be required to pay for the Project Scorecard™.

View the Construction Partnering and Project Scorecard™ article in Constructor 2010 Magazine.


Project Scorecards™ provide structured feedback that gives individuals the opportunity to anonymously bring any concerns to the attention of all other team members, resulting in quick action and resolution of issues before they have a chance to become big problems.

Dwight Carter, P. Eng.
Sr. Civil Project Manager
Calgary AB



I presented the Project Scorecards™ to large audiences of engineers and architects in Afghanistan in May 2012. The method was well received as a very useful and essential tool for effective project management…

Manan Khalid, P.E., LEED AP (BD+C)
Managing Engineer
NYC School Construction Authority
New York