How to Get Started

The Project Scorecard™ process is straight forward:

  1. Download the Project Scorecard™ Benefit Evaluation Tool 
  2. Complete the Project Scorecard™ Benefit Evaluation Tool with your project management team
  3. Based on the team’s benefit evaluation rating, decide if your project can benefit from using Project Scorecards™
  4. If your project can benefit from using Project Scorecards™, download the Project Scorecard™ Detailed Information Package which includes:
    1. Detailed information on developing your Project Scorecard™
    2. Typical Project and Partnership Success Goals, sample evaluation statements for each goal, and instructions for developing additional and custom evaluation statements if desired
    3. Instructions for the project management team to identify project specific Key Project Challenges and develop strategies and actions to avoid or minimize each identified Key Project Challenge. These strategies and actions will then be measured on the Project Scorecard™
    4. Instructions on completing your Project Scorecard™ Participant List
    5. Scheduling and timing tips for Project Scorecards™
    6. Privacy and confidentiality policies for Project Scorecards™
  5. Have the management team review the Project Scorecard™ Detailed Information Package. Then gather the team together and develop your Project Scorecard™ Evaluation Statements using the easy-to-use information provided. You can contact Allan Lowe Construction Partnering and Project Scorecards™ for any assistance required
  6. Return this information to Allan Lowe Construction Partnering and Project Scorecards™ by e-mail (PDF or Microsoft Word format)
  7. We will contact you to address any questions and to schedule your Project Scorecards™
  8. We will send an e-mail with the online link for the Project Scorecard™ to each Project Scorecard™ Contributor
  9. Participants follow the link and complete the Project Scorecard™ survey, which usually takes between 5 and 10 minutes
  10. We will complete the Project Scorecard™ Report and e-mail it in PDF format to everyone identified on your Project Scorecard™ Participant List
  11. The project team includes the Project Scorecard™ as an agenda item at their next project meeting, and discusses the Project Scorecard™ results and identifies any necessary actions as a result of the information contained in the Project Scorecard™
  12. The project team identifies any changes required to the Evaluation Statements on the next Project Scorecard™ survey, and also any changes in participants for the next Scorecard
  13. On the date scheduled for the next Project Scorecard™, the process is repeated


Project Scorecards™ are an efficient method to measure the pulse of a project team.

Stewart Nelson, P.Eng.
Sr. Project Manager
ConCreate USL Ltd.
St. Albert AB