How do I know if my project can benefit from using Project Scorecards™?

Allan Lowe Construction Partnering and Project Scorecards™ has developed a Project Scorecard™ Benefit Evaluation Tool.

The Project Scorecard™ Benefit Evaluation Tool is a rating questionnaire which will identify how much your specific project can benefit from using a Project Scorecard™ and the optimum frequency for Scorecards on your project.

It is recommended that you complete the Project Scorecard™ Benefit Evaluation Tool with your project management team to assess the potential benefit of using Project Scorecards™ on your project.

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What are the GENERAL BENEFITS of using a Project Scorecard™?

Working through the entire process of the Project Scorecard™ virtually ensures that your project will benefit from using Project Scorecards™.

Benefits, in the order of the Project Scorecard™ process, include:

  • Commitment – When your project team agrees to use Project Scorecards™ and work through the process from start to finish, they are demonstrating their commitment to the project’s success
  • Goal Definition – By getting together and using the step-by-step Project Scorecard™ materials and processes to discuss and develop mutually beneficial goals for a successful project, the project team gains a better understanding of each others’ wants and needs, and the factors that will result in project and partnership success for all parties
  • Identification of Key Project Challenges – Using the Project Scorecard™ materials and processes, the project team proactively identifies Key Project Challenges and develops pro-active action steps to address the key challenges
  • Communication – The regular use of the Scorecards to measure the team’s mutually created goals and actions to address key challenges ensures that all parties communicate their concerns and satisfactions in a non-threatening environment
  • Understanding of Other Parties – When the Project Scorecard™ Report is discussed at the next project meeting, the items identified in the report lead to natural discussions of all parties’ concerns as well as project  and partnership successes
  • Early Resolution of Problems / Issues – The regular use of Scorecards prevents problems and concerns from dragging on, and leads to early resolution of problems and issues
  • Ongoing Monitoring and Maintenance – As the project progresses, problems and concerns are monitored on an ongoing basis, and both positive and negative trends are easy to monitor and address for the duration of the project
  • Post-Project Evaluation – At the conclusion of the project, in a final Scorecard team members provide frank input into what worked well and what improvements should be made for future projects. These comments are then used to initiate discussions in a post-project wrap up meeting and ensure that “lessons learned” are carried into future projects

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Specific Benefits of using Project Scorecards™ include:

  • Honest Feedback – Anonymous format generates honest feedback
  • Focus on Priorities – Guides the project team to focus on priority areas for project improvement
  • Proactive Project Management – Potential project problems and trends are identified early and allows for proactive project management
  • Project Status At-A-Glance – The sorted summary of ratings and trends for all scorecard items makes both the stronger and weaker project areas evident at-a-glance
  • Improved Senior Management Project Knowledge – Allows Senior Management to accurately monitor projects when they are not on-site
  • Project Trend Identification – Trends (both positive and negative) on the project are identified and can be much more easily managed
  • Positive Feedback – Provides a venue for “hard to come by” positive feedback on individuals, organizations, and the successful execution of the project itself, resulting in improved team member morale
  • Improved Project Meetings – Provides positive and specific focus for project meetings
  • Improved Partnering – Greatly improves the effectiveness of partnering on projects by keeping identified goals and strategies at the forefront
  • Improved Teambuilding and Teamwork – Getting the team together to develop the Evaluation Statements helps the project team to align their concerns in a structured environment and using a structured process. This teamwork continues throughout the project with the Project Scorecards™ as a bonding instrument
  • Continuous Improvement – Using Project Scorecards™ and making necessary improvements is a catalyst for continuous improvement on the project
  • Improved Team Member Behaviour – Project Scorecard™ history has shown that “difficult” team members often make efforts to improve their behaviour to their team mates, as they know that they will be held accountable for their behaviour in the next Project Scorecard™
  • Excellent Value – For the benefits outlined above, Scorecards provide excellent value to the project team

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The Project Scorecard™ is a good and effective tool to build relations between the partners in a construction project and to identify the problems that need to be worked on to keep the relationships on the project healthy.

Homayoon Niknia, MBA, P.Eng.
Senior Construction Manager
Ft. McMurray AB



Both parties fully participated in the Partnership Scorecards™ and were pleasantly surprised with the results. Having a report full of ratings and comments helps both parties to evaluate areas in which we are improving as well as identifying areas needing a little more attention.

Mae Stewart, P.Eng.
Operations Engineer
Alberta Transportation