“Think about what you can do to help the team be effective,
efficient, and successful in the delivery of the project.
Teamwork is the key to successful project delivery.
It’s up to you.” ~Rick Land, Chief Engineer, Caltrans


What Are Construction Team Dynamics?

Construction Team Collaboration Model™


Using these Construction Team Collaboration tools
will benefit your project and team!

• Improve team communications
• Improve team relationships
• Increase team satisfaction
• Reduce team stress levels

Construction Team Collaboration are the forces that influence the direction of a construction team’s behaviour and performance. Team Dynamics are created by the personalities within the team, team members’ working relationships with each other, and the environment in which the team works.

Good, positive Team Dynamics are essential
for Construction Team Collaboration!

Are strong Construction Team Dynamics hard to achieve?

Construction team members almost always want to get along and work collaboratively towards the Project and Partnership Success Goals. However, working together as a synergistic and high functioning team is usually a great challenge!

Why are strong Team Dynamics so hard to achieve?

Each team member is a unique individual with a unique combination of work and life experience, education, skills and personality. Every individual brings a different background and point of view to the team. This is the root of team dynamics challenges!

How can these Team Dynamics challenges be overcome?

The key is to have each team member learn and understand their own distinct personality styles and those of the other team members.

From there, the team members can learn tools and approaches to improve team dynamics between all team members. They will then understand the distinctive ways in which different personalities approach working together, communicate with each other, and react to stressful situations. This knowledge is vital to team success!



I firmly believe that our recent Team Dynamics Teambuilding exercise helped our team to realize the characteristics of our team members and enabled us to gel as a team. Thank you Allan for providing these tools to help gauge the partnership and team building!

Shahid Gill, P.Eng.
Construction Manager
Alberta Transportation
Peace Region



Allan, thank you for introducing Team Dynamics to our conference. It has strengthened communications and understanding among all attendees. Team Dynamics should be a part of any conference, it creates a fun, understanding and beneficial environment.

Sheldon Downie
Contract Manager
LaPrairie Group of Companies