How are Personality Types Related to Team Dynamics?

Each person has their own personality, made up of characteristic patterns including behavior, feelings and thoughts. Temperament refers to the different aspects of an individual’s personality, primarily referring to whether an individual is introverted (energies focusing inward), or extraverted (energies focusing outward).

Personality and temperament studies began with Hippocrates in approximately 400 BC, and have continued to evolve. All have focused on four basic personality types or styles, with some approaches categorizing additional descriptors and/or functions. Some of the most well known personality and temperament experts include Carl Jung, Meyers-Briggs, David Kiersey, Don Lowry’s True Colors®, and more recently Mary Miscisin’s Personality Lingo® approach.

Each individual has a combination of characteristics of each of our basic personality styles, to varying degrees; however, each individual’s blend of the four characteristics is unique to them, not unlike the uniqueness of individuals’ fingerprints. At the same time, most individuals will have both a “dominant personality style”, and a style that they relate with the least.

How can knowledge of personality types improve Construction Team Dynamics?

Once the construction team members understand their own blend of personality styles and those of their fellow team members, they will understand each other better and be able to use this knowledge to enhance their teamwork, improve their communications, and manage stressful circumstances and situations.

Allan Lowe & Associates’ Construction Team Dynamics workshops are carefully designed to guide teams through specific processes which will lead to improved Team Dynamics in each of these areas.

What personality assessment tools are used in the workshops?

Allan Lowe, MBA, B.Comm., C.E.T., is a Certified True Colors® facilitator. Team Dynamics Training also includes Personality Lingo®, a personality assessment system developed by Mary Miscisin, M.S., the author of Showing Our True Colors and Personality Lingo.

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Allan, this was an excellent session. The Team Dynamics teambuilding process is easy to understand and will be easy to apply and use. It helped to create a widespread feeling of “team” and “partnership” among the workshop participants. Thank you!

Tom Williams, P.Eng.
Operations Manager
Alberta Transportation,
Grande Prairie



Although I have participated in similar exercises, this was very interesting, positive, and thought provoking. I know it
will benefit the team moving forward.

Ian McGillis, R.E.T.
Manager of Engineering & Technical Services
LaPrairie Group of Companies