Why Choose Allan Lowe Construction Partnering & Project Scorecards™ to Increase Collaboration on your Projects?

NoHugfest-transparentAllan Lowe Construction Partnering and Project Scorecards™ partnering sessions are NOT HUGFESTS! They are carefully prepared and conducted with careful attention on detail to ensure that they benefit the participants! We recognize that participants are very busy people and their time is valuable!

Since 2006, we have conducted Construction Partnering and Project Scorecards™ on many types of major projects valued from $5 million to $620 million, including:

    • Major transportation structures
    • LRT construction projects
    • Major power generation plants
    • Hospitals and health centres
    • Major oilsands and industrial projects
    • Post-secondary education structures
    • International airport
    • Province-wide highway maintenance programs
    • Corporate alliance construction projects
    • Recreation centres and libraries
    • Owner construction partnering program development
  • Allan has a significant hands-on construction background including over 15 years of on-site civil project supervision and management experience as a Certified Engineering Technologist. He has also completed qualifications as a Building Safety Codes Officer.
  • Provides “Turnkey Partnering Services”, including:
    • Venue arrangements and/or consultations to ensure maximum effectiveness and efficiency, including room layout and menu selection, and detailed room set-up
    • Workshop participant list development and consultations
    • Workshop invitations sent via Microsoft Outlook, including follow-ups to ensure maximum attendance
    • Custom participant seating to ensure maximum and strategic team interactions, including professional name tags
    • Custom workbooks for each Partnering Session
    • Detailed follow-up Partnering Session Reports including a color photographic record of the session
    • Card stock color Partnering Charters for each participant upon completion
    • Ongoing monitoring of the partnership using Project Scorecards™
  • Conducts pre-session research with stakeholders to identify each organization’s key challenges for the project, and includes discussions of these challenges in the Partnering Session workshop
  • All Partnering Sessions include follow-up to maximize the likelihood of ongoing partnering relationships, featuring Project Scorecards™, specifically for this purpose.Follow-up also includes a custom Project Partnering Evaluation Form, and follow-up Partnering Sessions as required
  • Allan Lowe completed Certified Partnering Facilitator (CPF) training with the International Partnering Institute in Livermore, California
  • Allan has developed two Construction Partnering Training Courses (Introduction to Construction Partnering, How to make Construction Partnering Work in the Field) which are accredited by the Canadian Construction Association – Gold Seal Program
  • Combining his construction and senior executive experience with his MBA and Bachelor of Commerce business degrees, Allan understands the business and project needs of all parties

Allan Lowe understands construction. This brings a unique perspective to Construction Partnering and Project Scorecards™ – he has walked the walk and can talk the talk!


The Partnering Session was very beneficial to me and my organization. It gave me an opportunity to look at issues, and to understand what the other party’s concerns are. It will be much easier to move forward from here.

Ian McGillis, R.E.T.
Manager of Engineering and Technical Services
LaPrairie Group of Companies