Project Scorecards™

Follow-up is as important as the initial Partnering Session workshop!

The initial Construction Partnering Session workshop gives the project an excellent kick start. However, once the workshop is done and the project is underway, it is easy to lose the benefits gained from the Construction Partnering Session workshop.

Allan Lowe Construction Partnering & Project Scorecards™ has developed processes to ensure that the Construction Partnering Session workshop benefits continue throughout the life of the project. At the Construction Partnering Session workshop, a partnering follow-up program is developed. The team is then provided with a custom Project Partnering Evaluation Form to monitor the status of Project and Partnership Success Goals and other commitments conveniently at any time on an ongoing basis.

Key to the follow-up program is a Project Scorecard™, which is an online partnering team survey, usually conducted at monthly or bi-monthly intervals.

Why are Project Scorecards™ Important?

“The lack of formal follow-up is the primary cause of failed partnered projects”

“The partnering process will only produce positive results if project team members are willing to commit themselves to it throughout the life of the project”

Dr. Sai On Cheung
City University of Hong Kong

Typical Report Cover
Typical Report Cover
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Project Scorecards™ provide an effective method of monitoring all work related issues…Success follows along with the process.

Pat Roth, P.Eng.
Construction Manager
Sureway Construction Ltd.