Construction Team Collaboration System™


Improve your construction project by working together, understanding and communicating with each other, and having tools to develop and monitor Key Project Success Factors from commencement to successful completion of your large complex construction project.

Welcome to Allan Lowe & Associates Inc., committed to providing Construction Team Collaboration tools, processes, expertise and experience to improve your large complex construction projects! We bring the project and the people together!

Using these Construction Team Collaboration tools
is proven to benefit your project and team!

• Decrease project costs • Increase job satisfaction
• Increase profitability• Monitor project and team health
• Complete projects sooner• Improve team relationships
• Reduce schedule changes• Improve team communications
• Increase project safety• Reduce team stress levels

Our Committment

“Our work is guaranteed to
the complete satisfaction of
the client. If the client is
not completely satisfied
with our services, we will,
at the client’s request,
either waive professional
fees, or accept a portion of
the fees that reflects the
client’s level of satisfaction.”

Allan Lowe and Associates

Allan Lowe & Associates Inc.


…I have attended several of Allan Lowe’s Partnering Sessions and have seen him cultivate an environment of trust and mutual respect, allowing good relationships to begin to form…I would recommend his services.

Simaan AbouRizk,
PhD, P.Eng., FRSC

President and Senior Advisor
SMA Consulting Ltd.



We’ve found the Project Scorecards™ to be a great communication tool across the project team. They provide a consistent and informative overview of how we are performing as a team and where we need to spend a bit more time improving…

Carl Clayton, P.Eng. P.E. PTOE
Senior Vice President



Allan, thank you for introducing Team Dynamics
to our conference. It has strengthened communications and understanding among all attendees. Team Dynamics should be a part of any conference, it creates a fun, understanding and beneficial environment.

Sheldon Downie
Contract Manager
LaPrairie Group of Companies